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Schedule of classes, seminars, workshops and more!

Calendar of Events

Job Search Help | Job Hunter Workshops - Interview skills, resume help, job finding
techniques, job listings, etc.

Job Training Tuition – Help for college classes, support services
to help maintain school attendance, on-the job training, and internships.

Job Readiness and Career Assessment Find out your job strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve your job prospects.

Career Counseling One-on-one meetings with a job finding expert.

Community Resources Help in job search and maintaining a job.

Qualified Job Applicants – Referred to business based on employer needs

Help with Tax Incentives Information about tax incentives for hiring certain employees.

Workforce Planning Assistance with projecting your workforce needs.

Help with Employee Training

Community Connections - Job Fairs

Next Steps to Success

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Inventory of your skills

Enhancement of your skills
  • Microsoft Applications*
  • Job Seeker Network
  • Job Hunter Workshops*

Job seeking tools
  • Complete generic application
  • Complete/update resume
  • Complete/update cover letter
  • Obtain appropriate email/voicemail
  • Maintain accurate job log
  • Other steps:_______________

Referral for additional information
  • Unemployment Insurance or 1.800.318.6022
  • Commissioner Approved Training/Training Benefits Orientation*
  • WIA Adult Program*
  • WIA Dislocated Worker*
  • WIA Youth Orientation*
  • Job Corps
  • Community/Technical Colleges (GED, ABE, ESL, Worker Retraining)
  • Other:_______________
(Appointment Necessary*)