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Work Source offers workshops, skill builder training, job listings, tuition assistance and more to Job Seekers in Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties.

Job Seeker Services Available

Job Search Help | Job Hunter Workshops - Interview skills, resume help, job finding
techniques, job listings, etc.

Job Training Tuition – Help for college classes, support services
to help maintain school attendance, on-the job training, and internships.

Job Readiness and Career Assessment Find out your job strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve your job prospects.

Career Counseling One-on-one meetings with a job finding expert.

Community Resources Help in job search and maintaining a job.

Qualified Job Applicants – Referred to business based
on employer needs

Help with Tax Incentives Information about tax incentives for hiring certain employees.

Workforce Planning Assistance with projecting your workforce needs.

Help with Employee Training

Community Connections -
Job Fairs


Secrets of the Hidden Job Market
Change your thinking to get the
job of your dreams

Read Online:

Your Layoff and the Law of Attraction
“Secrets of the Hidden Job Market”
Special Report
Janet White

Online Job Sites

The official job listing for Washington State -

Job Seeker Services

The Olympic WorkSource offers the following services for job seekers.

Job Search

WorkSource offices offer computers, printers and fax machines for the use of job seekers. Computers allow access online job sites, resume-making software, career exploration and information programs, and job interest surveys.

Job Counseling and Assessment

WorkSource staff help guide job seekers through job assessments, develop career plans, setup training, and line up employers to apply to.


  • Classroom Training - occupational training at local schools like Olympic and Peninsula colleges, that is funded partly or fully by WorkSource.
  • On-the-Job Training - training at an employer's worksite that is partially reimbursed by WorkSource where an eligible employee learns enough to transition into regular employment.
  • Internships - paid and unpaid work at a private or public employer for a relatively short period in order to get some experience at a chosen occupation.
  • Work Experience Jobs - paid work that helps a job seeker build some history and

Support Services

WorkSource has a limited amount of funds to help Eligible customers obtain help with transportation, child care, work clothing, tools, emergency housing and food, and medical expenses.

Note: Some services require that customers be eligible for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs. Eligibility for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services:

1) U.S. Citizen or have a legal right to work.

2) If a male, between the ages of 18 and 26, must register with Selective Service.

3) If between the ages of 16 and 21, to qualify for Youth program, must meet income guidelines. For example, a family of four for years 2007-08 cannot exceed $26,470 in annual income.

Plus you must fit one of the following description:

1) deficient in basic literacy skills;

2) a school dropout;

3) homeless;

4) a runaway;

5) a foster child;

6) pregnant or a parent;

7) an offender;

8) requires additional assistance to complete education or secure and hold employment.